Democratization and Governance

Agenda believes that further democratization of Albanian Institutions and better governance can be achieved only via the increase in number of agents that contribute to the public debate in Albania. Only institutions that are responsive to the public can be functional and deliver the best public policies.

Socio-economic Development

Albania remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. The need for reform is profound, encompassing all sectors of the economy. Following the global financial and economic turmoil, sound and timely policy interventions have become paramount. Since its establishment in 2006, AI has crafted and still sustains a leader position in launching policy debates to tackle challenges related to socio-economic developments in Albania and the region. Amongst other, two specific added values that the Institute envisages to convey with the socio-economic policy analyses is their framing into a sustainable development perspective as well as closely relating the local developments with the stages of European integration process and future membership. This later aspect is specifically important given the helpful lessons-learned through the integration walk of the eastern European member states, especially Romania and Bulgaria, and recently even Croatia.

EU Integration

All societal forces and political parties in Albania are in agreement that the EU integration process is the foremost programmatic priority of the country. This makes the EU integration an issue that will continue to top the policy agenda in the future. AGENDA’s primary goal is to contribute to the policy debate and development of key issues facing Albania as it strives to integrate in the European economic and social environment. AGENDA will contribute to the formation of politically and intellectually independent debate aimed at specifying the necessary steps of transformation that are required for the country to participate in the European Union as an economically competitive, socially coherent, culturally open, and politically stable and trustworthy member state.