Eduard Zaloshnja, Executive Director

Mr Zaloshnja is a statistician with a wide experience in public policy analysis, both from as a researcher and as a practitioner. Previously he has worked as Research Scientist at Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in USA. Now Eduard participates in public policy debates for the government and the general public. He joined the Agenda Institute to make a difference to policy-making and practice in Albania through data-informed expertise.

Gentian Elezi, Former Executive Director and Research Fellow

Dr Gentian Elezi has been the Executive Director of Agenda Institute between 2016 and 2020. Dr. Elezi has a wide experience in public policy analysis, both from as an academic and as a practitioner. From 2013 to 2016 he has served as Vice Minister for European Integration in the Albanian government. He has directed the Albanian Center for Competitiveness and International Trade, a well-known think-tank in the field of economic policies, and worked as policy researcher and analyst for USAID Albania. Since 2008, Dr. Elezi is a university lecturer in Development Models and EU policies. He has a PhD from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom, where he also did his Master studies in European Politics, participating in several international research projects.

Endrit Kromidha, Research Fellow

Dr Endrit Kromidha is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. His expertise is related to the digital economy, entrepreneurship and development, and he has published in many leading academic journals. Endrit is also the Vice-President for Policy and Practice at the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute and a Fellow of Advance Higher Education Academy in the UK. 

Elena Polo, Research Coordinator

Elena Polo is an expert in macroeconomic policies, monetary economy and public finance with doctoral-level research and analytics expertise. She has participated in different trainings, both national and international ones as has been nominated as one of the best 300 French-speakers of the world, for the project “All different, all equal”, focused on developing social policies. Elena has also been a representative of PNUD for 2 years in Vlora. She has participated in many conferences and is actively engaged in writing articles and policy papers on social-economic issues in leading research journals.  

Mitea Gegushi, Research Assistant

Mitea Gegushi joined Agenda Institute in April 2017. She is responsible for assisting the research work and coordinating activities of the Institute. Mitea has a background in Economics and she graduated from the University of Tirana. She has completed internships in private and public entities and she has participated in several activities and projects in her area of study.

Denisa Rexhep, Associate Researcher

Denisa Rexhep is collaborating with the Agenda Institute since January 2017. She is assisting the research process and the activities of the Institute. She graduated in Advanced Economics in Italy, at the Sapienza University and in the University of Perugia. Denisa has been involved in several research projects, both in public and non-governmental sector.