Weak Labour Markets, Weak Policy Responses
The Western Balkan (hereafter: WB) countries are facing a difficult
European Definition of Unemployment and the case of Albania
This report analyses the Definition of Unemployment in the European
An analysis of a progressive taxation system in Albania
The tax system is always a sensitive topic in Albania,
Elites and Democracy in Albania
Democracy means governance by people, a wonderful idea that represents
National Employment Service and Social Dialogue: a holistic path towards sustainable growth
This paper was presented in Tirana International Hotel, at 30th of
Is time spent in school the answer to our great education challenges?
This paper was presented in Tirana International Hotel, at 4th of
Challenges Facing the Albanian Youth on the Road towards Employment
On October 26-th, AGENDA Institute presented its latest research package
Nepotism – A Substitute of Corporate Governance Practices in Albania
This paper examines the development of nepotism as a form
Economics of welfare – a missed discussion during our transition path
Despite the fact that inequality has been continuously growing around
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