Democratization and Governance

Agenda believes that further democratization of Albanian Institutions and better governance can be achieved only via the increase in number of agents that contribute to the public debate in Albania. Only institutions that are responsive to the public can be functional and deliver the best public policies. On the other hand citizens need to be knowledgeable about the alternative solutions, costs and benefits of the policies, so they can make informed decisions. AI aims to place itself between, linking the institutions and the citizens, by making policy alternatives comprehensive for the public, as well as making the opinion of the citizens’ count through professionally collecting, both through quantitative and qualitative methods, processing and communicating it.

In this perspective, AI aims to engage in studying and advocating and/or putting to practice, mechanisms for participatory policy making and civic engagement. In this research area AI has achieved a significant impact through several successful projects that have supported democratic practices and promoted participation in decision making  such as participatory budgeting for Kavaja municipality; improving public communication channels for the municipality of Korca and Berat; promoting participatory policy making for strategic local development in 12 diferent municipalities of Albania (Sarande, Berat, Durres. Lushnje, Permet, Pogradec, Korce, Elbasan, Lezhe, Tirane, Peshkopi, Vlore); building the capacity of trade unions and CSOs to engage with decision-makers and public authorities at the local, national and European levels, etc.

To further advance the role in improving governance and strengthening democracy practices in Albania AI will use thre main methods: the Deliberative Democracy Tools; Publications and Democracy Education.

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