Gentian Elezi, Executive Director

Gentian Elezi is the Executive Director of Agenda Institute since 2016. Dr. Elezi has a wide experience in public policy analysis, both from as an academic and as a practitioner. From 2013 to 2016 he has served as Deputy Minister for European Integration in the Albanian government. During 2009-2013, he has directed the Albanian Centre for Competitiveness and International Trade, one of the best think-tanks in the field of economic policies. From 2005 to 2008 he has worked as policy researcher and analyst in one of USAID projects in Albania. Since 2008, Dr. Elezi is a university lecturer in Development Models and EU policies.
He has obtained his PhD at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom, where he also did his Master studies in European Politics. He has graduated in Political Science, Applied Economics profile, in the University of Milan, Italy. Dr. Elezi has participated in and conducted several research projects and has published articles in his field of studies.

Elena Polo, Research Coordinator

Elena Polo, PhD Candidate works for AGENDA Institute since December 2012, holding the position of the Research Coordinator. Since 2014, Mrs. Polo is also a lecturer at the Institute of European Studies and Faculty of Economy, teaching “Macro-economy”, “Research Methods”, “Macro-Policies in EU” as well as “Comparative Policies in EU”. She is attending PhD studies in Economics focusing on macroeconomic policies, after successfully completed Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics in 2011 at University of Tirana. Mrs. Polo has participated in several research projects at country or regional level and has been part of various important publications/studies in her field.

Mitea Gegushi, Research Assistant

Mitea Gegushi joined Agenda Institute in April 2017. She is responsible for assisting the research work and coordinating activities of the Institute. Mitea has a background in Economics and she graduated from the University of Tirana. She has completed internships in private and public entities and she has participated in several activities and projects in her area of study.

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