Elena Polo, Research Coordinator


Elena Polo, PhD Candidate works for AGENDA Institute since December 2012, actuallly
holding the position of the Research Coordinator.
Since 2014, Mrs. Polo works also as a full-time Lecturer within University of Tirana, at the
Institute of European Studies and Faculty of Economy, mainly teaching “Macro-economy”,
“Research Methods”, “Macro - Policies in EU” as well as “Comparative Policies in EU”.
She is attending studies for a PhD in Economics focusing on macroeconomic policies, after
successfully completed Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics in 2011 at University
of Tirana, Faculty of Economy-Department of Economics.
To the moment, Mrs. Polo has participated in several research projects at a country or
regional level and has been part of various important publications/studies in the fields of
economic and social developments also focused on good governance and European
Integration issues.
With an in-depth knowledge due to her experience, Mrs. Polo as an analyst of economic
policies based on statistical qualitative/quantitative data analysis is oriented in presenting and
public discussing special issues of the country development.

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