The Rise of New Populism in Europe

Tirana, June 2006

On 9 June 2006, AGENDA Institute and MJAFT Foundation jointly organized the lecture on “The Rise of the New Populism in Europe”, in the framework of EU Lecture Series.

The guest speaker was Mr. Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Board of the Liberal Centre for Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria and at the same time Executive Director of the International Commission on Balkans, led by H.E. Guliano Amato. There were about 70 participants from different fields of social and political life, including Members of Parliament, students from social sciences, law, political sciences, journalisms; representatives from civil society and media.

Mr. Krastev explained the raise of new populism in different European countries and how this trend had to be faced constantly even within the borders of the EU. “While Europeans should feel lucky, in prosperity and serve as an example for others who want to join the EU, it is noticed a high rate of confidentiality in the populist ideology”, underlined Mr. Krastev during his speech.

Populism is being developed completely in a democratic environment he claimed and it is for this reason that cannot be pushed away with the claim of being undemocratic enough for the European countries. In Europe is raising the trend of emotional politics, meaning that politicians are using these sentimental speeches in order to face the most important political problems, being those economical ones, political or either social (emigration, unemployment, education etc). Mr. Krastev stated the fact that “corruption exists because if there is no corrupted person among people, how can corruption as a phenomena in itself exist?”

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