Informing Local Government on the EU Integration Process and Impact

Tirana, November- December 2008

For the period November – December 2008, AGENDA Institute in the framework of the project "Making the EU integration Process practical for the Locals", supported by the Olof Palme International Center, organized in close collaboration with local authorities of the Regions of Berat, Durres and Lushnja a series of training supplying tailor-made easy-to-digest information and brochures on European Integration issues. These activities were focused on tailoring the scope of the interventions to the needs and interests of the local communities in order to bring the EU integration process closer to the citizens and to make it more real and tangible.

The training sessions were focused on educating the potential groups of interest on:

a) Overall knowledge on the process of European integrations, it mechanisms and institutions involved;

b) The Stabilization and Association Process and other regional initiatives;

c) Practical implications of integration on the specific priority sectors identified during the first phase of the project;

The expected tangible results of the project have encouraged the local communities of these cities to provide their inputs into the project. The aspect of sustainable regional development has inspired greater audiences to utilize available possibilities and obliged local authorities concerned with the prosperity of the people they serve to provide assistance in running the project. In order to pave the way for future interventions along the same lines and to ensure sustainability of the project, it was implemented in a spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness and its outcomes will be made publicly available.

The training sessions were followed with great interest from representatives from local authorities, representatives from civil society, business communities, local media and student’s communities.

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