Global financial and economic turmoil

Tirana, 10 March 2009

Following the Global financial and economic turmoil, sound and timely policy interventions have become paramount. Unlike most European emerging economies Albania has fallen short of having an open and professional debate regarding the effects of the crisis in our economy.

What will be the effects of the crisis upon the Albanian economy? How will this impact the common Albanian? What should the Albanian policy makers do about this?

To tackle these outstanding concerns G99 requested the AGENDA Institute to assist in organizing on March 10, 2009 the first TIRANA ECONOMIC FORUM entitled “The Albanian Economy in a Time of Global Crisis”.

This policy debate was followed by prominent researchers, representatives of key economic and financial institutions, international organisations, and diplomatic corps in Albania, representatives of civil society organizations as well as by the audio and visual media.

AGENDA Institute contributed with the preparation of research package and policy recommendations for this forum.

Milva Ekonomi, the President of AGENDA and Dr. Gjergji Filipi, the Research Director were key panellists in this forum where they presented two papers on: “Welfare Distribution and Statistical Measurements” and “Factors of Economic Growth in Albania”.

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