The Rise of European Movement in the European Unification Process

Tirana, July 2006

On 19 July 2006, AGENDA Institute and MJAFT Foundation jointly organized the lecture on “The Role of the European Movement in the European Unification Process”, in the framework of the EU Lecture Series.

The guest speaker was Mr. Henrik H. Kroner, Secretary General of the International European Movement. There were present students from universities, representatives from Ministry of European Integration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives from civil society, media and representatives from diplomatic corps.

Mr. Kroner’s speech on “The Role of the European Movement in the European Unification Process”, was followed by a debate on the perspective of the Western Balkans and particularly Albania joining EU, and the needs for the establishment of the European Movement in Albania, bearing in mind the fact that Albania is a member of the Council of Europe since 1995 and has signed the SAA with the EU. Mr. Kroner emphasized the importance of knowing the European Movement in Albania as a research and information organization, and also as a pressure group.

Mr. Kroner offered thorough information regarding the active role that European Movement has played in the reunification of our continent. Members of the European Movement are the most eminent figures of the EU, including former President of the European Parliament H.E. Pat Cox, President of the Republic of Italy, H.E. Giorgio Napoletano, current President of the European Commission, H.E. Manuel Barroso

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