Scenes of the Environment

Tirana, February 2007

On 05 February 2007, AGENDA Institute and MJAFT Foundation jointly organized the lecture on “Scenes of the Environment”, in the framework of EU Lecture Series.

The guest speaker was H. E. Mr. Helmuth Lohan, Ambassador of the European Commission Delegation in Albania. The participants were representatives from government, civil society, media, diplomatic corps and students.

 H. E. Mr. Lohan started by presenting the main scenes of the environment such as water, air, wastes, pollution, hot-spots etc, by explaining their importance to the environment and humans. H. E. Mr. Lohan further presented EU policies regarding water, and other scenes of the environment and the assistance offered to Albania by European Commission to further sustain the steps and initiatives taken to promote and protect the environment in which we breathe and live.

H. E. Mr. Lohan also referred to the Albania 2006 Progress Report from European Commission which states that no progress has been reported in this area.

H. E. Mr. Lohan ended up by focusing on the role that can play the Albanian civil society to promote the environment protection and the steps and the initiatives that can be taken to further improve the legislation regarding environment protection. “There should be an increased demand from different stakeholders to have the sustainable development a priority” said Mr. Lohan.

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