Albania and European Union



Albania and European Union "Looking beyond Visa Facilitation Agreement"


Date: 23 November 2007 from 14h00 - 17h00

Venue: Avenue d'Auderghem 63, 1040 Brussels


The signature of Visa Facilitation Agreement is an important political decision towards closer cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan countries. The smooth implementation of this Agreement, together with tangible progress in basic Justice, Liberties and Security areas, will open up the possibilities for the Commission to start a structures dialogue on a possible visa free regime for the citizens of Western Balkan countries in the future.


This activity aims at looking beyond Visa Facilitation Agreement by exploring the opportunities for a full visa liberalization regime between EU and Albania.




14H00 - 14H30: Mr. Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb, Minister of State, Vice-President of the European Movement International, Moderator


14h30 - 15h00: Ambassador Ferit Hoxha, Chief Negotiator, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania

"From negotiation to implementation of the Visa Facilitation Agreement, the main challenges ahead".


15h00 - 15h30: Mr. Ditmir Bushati, Founding Research Director of AGENDA Institute, Albania

"Is Visa Facilitation Agreement a sustainable solution for Western Balkan countries? What can EU and Albania do to make a success of visa liberalization process?"


15h30 - 16h00: Coffee break


16h00 - 17h30: Debate


17h30 - 18h00: Conclusions

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