AGENDA Institute is an independent think tank, established in 2006 in the form of an NGO with the aim to improve the policy-making process in Albania. Through bringing citizens closer to policy making processes and putting their perspective in the center of policy-making, AGENDA Institute aims to enhance the debate, evidence-based analysis and effectiveness of public policies in the country.

AGENDA seeks to make the policy-making process constructive, offering to the decision-makers, the public and other stakeholders key information based on factual and professional policy analysis. The focus of AGENDA’s work is offering alternatives for sustainable development policies, better central and local governance, democratization of institutions and society, and to contribute to reform processes that foster EU Integration.

Today, the Institute has a well recognized profile among its fellows and our experts are invited to analyze many of the most publicly discussed issues in Albania. AGENDA is also a reputable information source for key national and international institutions. Some of the main projects and activities implemented during these years include a series of Research and Policy papers, policy briefs, instructive/informative brochures and public discussions on issues related to social and economic development, taxation, youth, gender, migration, local development, higher education, EU integration, etc.

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In the recent decade, the average annual growth of GDP has been around 7%. The positive tendency with relatively high rates (10% for that year) has began since 1993.

Challenges Facing the Albanian Youth on the Road Towards Employment

This research packet proposed some recommendations regarding how to optimally overcome the challenges facing Albanian youth these suggestions are not limited to the job market itself, but are also applicable to Albania’s socio-economic situation as a whole. The youth’s successful transition from academia to the labour market is an issue of utmost importance that politicians must prioritize as “the key” that will open up doors to national prosperity.

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